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Transponder Key and Remote Fit For Auto
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Mercedes benz IR key prog

Work for version "BE" FOR all Mercedes benz keys!

BENZ KEY IR PROG write Key data into MB Key via IR?
1.   Program benz keys via IR.
2. Unlimited times erase and rewrite data via IR for any NEC benz remotes,
so no need worry for making mistakes!
3. No need remove The NEC Chip out from board for our benz remote
order our benz keys
4. Erase and rewrite data for OEM NEC chip data unlimited times!

User manual:

1,Contact BENZ KEY IR PROG with pc
2, open software and load file with the key data which you had caculated
3, click button program, then you had finish the key data writeing

Other buttons' functions:
load file: load the key data file which you had caculated.
Update device: updata the device hardware.
Checkdevice: you will see your device serieal number after click this button.
Read: read key data with it.
Renew: erase data
IR Prepared key: choose it when you program key via IR (no need remove the chip From board),then you can read ,program,Erase or write the keys.
Chip on the PCB:choose it when you remove the OEM NEC chip from the board and then read,program,Erase,write the OEM benz remote.

Common questions from some customers:

Q:what is version of the NEC in your keys 51/57/35 etc
A: 57 version.

Q:does your key allow to use normal bin file to write it

Q:if all key lost , any solution?
A:NO, you must left one key at least.

Q:what if motorola has no key?
A:please test your key version before make new key,
 our machine support all 57 version benz keys.

Q:the cheaper machine 265$, 
does it have option to read the BIN file from eis like ak500
 ak500 can read 705, hc12 motorola processor
 cyrixcard: then you use skc and generate key
A: 1,the one which value 265$ can't read EIS data, 
   it can only write and renew data unlimited times.
   you can use xprog to read EIS data and write new key with our machine(265$).
   2,the one which value 1150$ can read EIS data via IR, 
    Notice: no need open EIS for data.

Q:your machine write the be and eb version key
 which one is the best .. be or eb version key
A:the one value 265$ just support only one version of be or eb,
 can't work for the two version the same time.
 the one value 1150$ support any version of be or eb, 
work for the two version the same time.
 BE version is most popular one for benz keys now.

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