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Transponder Key and Remote Fit For Auto
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ID46 Transponder chip Copy Machine

The 46 copy machine instructions:
5v power and usb power universal computer mobile phone
the first step:the first boot selection Chinese,then select copy 46

the second step:insert the original key,click on the 46 chip acquisition,
then click on the 1 primary key to read the uid ,read the data on the primary key.

the third step:copy chip key is inserted,then click on the 2 new key pair,copy chip key successful initialization.

the fourth step:copy chip key initialization after the success,and then copy the chip to turn on the switch from three to five,
there is a part of the car does not need to turn on the switch,such as Nissan smart, but to press three to five times,read on the car to copy data chips.(note:chip as close as possible to the recognition of coils,chip can not contact with metal,can not have more than one chip read at the same 
time,inorder to prevent mutual interference between chips.)
the fifth step:3 new key to read, to read copy chip data after into the copy machine,read the random number and signature
the sixth step:in the original key click 4 primary key decoding,when then the number jumped to 100%,the primary key of successful decoding. the seventh step:in the read copy chip,then click on the 5 new key copy. Copy copy successful chip.the eighth step:after the success of chip copy copy ,insert the key switch,the car started successfully.
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