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New BENZ KEY IR PROG same function as mb prog2

New BENZ KEY IR PROG same function as mb prog2
Mercedes BENZ KEY IR PROG2 same function as mb prog2
2015 Newest Key Advanced Programmer for Mercedes-Benz

Benz Advanced Programmer Functions:

- Directly read data from EIS via infrared (easy and convenient). Unnecessary to detach.

- Support Password of reading NEC key 51, 57, Calculate new lock data under EIS help, and reborn a new key.

- Equipped with EB KEY, Read, Write and erase data in myriad with convenience, Our machine is fully compatible with original key material, nothing to worry about.

- Get EIS data after reading, Operate with SKC key software, and reborn the key that you want Convenience and offline mode.


- Read & get Password (908, p12 MCU) via infrared from EIS. even if all keys lost, don't need to detach anywhere. Directly reborn a new key.
- We will launch W204 212 electrical lock cylinder function soon.

Benz Advanced Programmer Advantages:
Supported Car Models:

A-class W169 2004-2010

B-class W245 2005-2010

C-class W203 2003-2007

CLK-class W208 2001-2002

CLK-class W209 2003-2008

C-class W204 2007-2009

E-class W210 2001-2002

E-class W211 2002-2007

E-class W212 2009-2010

CLS-class W219 2004-2009

S-class W220 2001-2005

S-class W221 2005-2009

CL W215 2001-2006

CL W216 2005-2009

SL R230 2001-2009

SLK R171 2004-2009

G-class W463 2002-2009

R-class W251 2005-2009

M-class W164 2005-2009

GL-class X164 2006-2009

Vito/Viano W639 2004-2009

Sprinter W906 2005-2009

All these cars are available as long as the key is to increase the 57 subsequent versions will add other cars.


Package Size (L*W*H): 37cm*30cm*10cm

Weight: 2 Kg

Operation Instructions:
1. connect the machine, check the hardware ,and connect IR key  to the machine.
2. click ''Read Date'',put IR key into the EZS within 20 seconds.
(you will see the progress bar below the software,click ''OK'' and take IR key out when the software prompt '' Read finish '' )
3.  click ''Save Data'' to save EZS data.(the software will prompt  '' there is not PSW data ,if go on '',click "yes")and disconnect IR key from the machine.

4.  connect new adampter to the mahine,and put key IC(57version) into machine,choose "New PCB".
5.  click "read",check the key's message.(please go on if it is 57 version,please close the software if it is not 57 version)

6.  click "Get"button to get PSW(the software will prompt: "Attention!After performing the procedure of reading the password key becomes disabled!Need to overwrite it!Continue?",please choose "yes"),wait to read password.

7. read "PSW",then click "save" button to save .

8.  click "Load PSW" button to open the password data.

9.  click "Load Data" button and open the EZS data saved,then do same with the third ,save data.(the data saved is with PSW's EZS data ,there is not prompt for the data.)

10.  open "skc"calculator ,load data and calculate key.

11.   I think you will know how to do next.

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