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New mercedes benz remote 315mhz 433mhz

New mercedes benz remote 315mhz 433mhz
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1.Low cost
2.This key can be reused (10000 matches) without damaging.
3.Do not need to replace the components will be able to freely choose the remote frequency(315MHZ&433MHZ)
4.Matching simple, simply remove the 24C02 can, without the use of a dedicated programmer
5.Remote distance (15-30 meters) is better than the original key


1. Not the original key


1.High cost
2.Original remote control keys can only be reused 2-3 times, multiple programming will damage the NEC chip (no remote control)
3.The original key to change the frequency of the difficulties (need to replace the element)
4.The remote control distance 15 meters in


OEM Key Explain

The OEM Key applicable since 2000 DAS3 Mercedes car driving license system

(support  1999-2011  of havings speed W series

red outside the key data be born.Support new style(NEC) electronics lock head  W221,

W164, W212, W204 ,  w169; support(MOTOROLA) the series of Motorola MCU;  W220, W203,

W210, W211, W209, W202, W208, W215, W230, W219,etc. )

OEM Key simply changing a few solder joints will be able to change the 315MHz and 433MHz remote frequency.Key EEPROM data stored in MCU plug-Memory ATMEL24C02C (hereinafter referred to as the 24C02), as long as there is a computer that can read and write 24C02 programmer can be achieved key EEPROM data read / write. For example: XPROG-M BeePrpg or LabTool-48UXP universal programmer. Does not require special equipment!

315MHz and 433MHz frequency changes as shown below:

Read / write 24C02 removed from the PCB into the adapter seat, and then use the programmer to manipulate it.

This is not written to the 24C02 EEPROM data.

This is written to the 24C02 EEPROM data

BENZ Super STAR key calculation tool :

Super STAR key calculation tool, for the latest technique matched to speed key currently,

 world found; BE match a new style the best sharp weapon   which speed key!!!!!

Function characteristics:

1- strong!!! This calculation tool overall support  1999-2011  of havings speed W series

 red outside the key data be born.Support new style(NEC) electronics lock head  W221,

 W164, W212, W204 ,  w169; support(MOTOROLA) the series of Motorola MCU;  W220, W203,

 W210, W211, W209, W202, W208, W215, W230, W219  etc.

2- convenience!!! This calculation tool is born 8 pair of key, demand(EIS) electronics

 lock head data, not demand processing (ESL)  direction lock; ESM ;(file module) (ECU)

Launch a machine computer;(ECT) 722.9  auto gearbox computer

3- intelligence!!! This calculation tool ability auto analysis(EIS) electronics lock head type and 

appearance;Bedrock model number;Mileage number;End the key amount of the usage;

The key amount of the previous usage;Key amount of discard etc..

4- fast!!! This calculation tool is born  8  pair of key, need  

10 minutes  completion.Safety calculation, precision without any error.

5- found!!!   This calculation tool solved-W203/W211 etc. car type duplicate keys a 

demand(RENEW) to wipe empty Siemens computer  FLASH(29 F400/29 F800)  MCU of hard

 nut to crack, and aim at  722.9  auto the car type of the gearbox computer world

 hard nut to crack that need to be drive authorization!

6- safety!!! This calculation tool hardware adoption latest the bank system encrypt

 chip design, safety credibility, function stability.

Disclaimer! ! !  This tool for the automotive electronics repair device, for normal

 maintenance services, not for illegal activities, users must comply with local 

state laws and regulations! !  !



***Processing on behalf of OEM circuit board***
Custom processing of various car remote control circuit boards: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, etc. models

****Wanted world agents****

We welcome any friend who are interested in our products from any countrys to be our distributors,please feel free to contact us(Email: Admin@mercedesremotes.com ) if you want to be our distributors.



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